Expandable Accordion Design Cardboard Stool
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Expandable Accordion Design Cardboard Stool

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Humble cardboard gets the high design treatment in this creatively constructed Stool. From a compact, flat pack, it accordions out to a graceful, durable seat or small side table topped with the included elaborate cushioned disk. The accordion design transforms the simple materials into super-strong supports. Two powerful magnets hold the Stool together when set up. The Stool is perfect for parties and can be used as a chair, coffee table, footstool, or any other decorative or creative purpose you can come up with! When using outside, make sure to keep dry.

Award winning patented design, elegant and modern, the paper stool folds completely flat, it is waterproof and durable, a great solution for small living spaces, dormitories, apartments, or anyone who wants to add a functional stylish piece to their home


Height 17" Width 13" Weight 4.4 lbs


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