Console Folding Table to Seat Eight
Minimax Decor

Console Folding Table to Seat Eight

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The MiniMax Decor Console Folding Table perfectly punctuates any size room and can transform into the center of attention. This modern, minimalist design is a multifunctional dream come true for limited or small spaces and has the capability to double in size for home-gatherings, projects, or meetings and seat up to eight people.

When occasions call for a layered schedule including a cocktail hour, meal service, and coffee & dessert wind down, this MiniMax Decor Console Folding Table takes little effort to customize each theme accordingly: minimize the table for a lovely arrangement of specialty cocktails and refreshing beverages to gather guests; expand the table with a quick table change for a lovely feast; and end the evening with a coffee station and tiered dessert stand. This simple, yet complex, table design will ease the hosting duties significantly.

The MiniMax Decor Console Folding Table is not only easy to use, but also visually appealing with three available neutral color schemes brown, white, and grey. Accent any room or planned occasion with this multifaceted design detail to liven up your lifestyle.


30"x47" When Fully Extended