Extendable Space Saving Table Transforms Console to Seat Twelve, Grey Gloss 2.0
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Extendable Space Saving Table Transforms Console to Seat Twelve, Grey Gloss 2.0

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MiniMax Decor Extendable Space Saving Table transforms any room with its innovative design and functionality without compromising on quality and affordability. Created for small or limited spaces, the alluring minimalist design exceeds expectations for multi-functional furniture.

Whether you need a side table or desk, a dining table for up to twelve people, or a conference table for meetings, this diverse table will be a great addition to any space – home or business. The stunning geometric shape is equipped with five additional leaves for maximum versatility and adjustable leg slides for extra support. Each piece is made from sturdy medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood and is available in a plethora of finishes and colors, ranging from black wood with wooden veneer to sienna wood-wrapping.

As popularity and demand for minimalist and multi-functional furniture increases, the market is overwhelming with options. The MiniMax Decor Extendable Space Saving Table eases the mind and provides a solution for any budget, helping to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and offers a perfect choice for any interior design layout or preference.

The results of design, function, and affordability has easily made the MiniMax Decor Extendable Space Saving Table a favorite and in great demand. The conversations surrounding this truly remarkable piece of functional art will lend itself to life-enhancing benefits.

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The table is 37.4 inches wide and 29.5 inches high.

The length changes depending on the number of leaves,

Each leaf is 20.2 inches

0 leaves: 17.6 inches: It can be used as a small desk or console table
1 leaf: 37.8 inches: Seats 4
2 leaves: 58 inches: seats 6
3 leaves: 78.2 inches Seats 8
4 leaves: 98.4 inches: Seats 10
5 leaves: 118.6 inches: Seats 12

Five canvas bags to store the leaves are included with your purchase.



What is the material of the table?

It is made from strong MDF (medium-density fiberboard) wood. There are three different finishes depending on the color: wooden veneer (black wood) wooden-wrapping (sienna, driftwood and concrete) and a lacquer (white gloss and grey gloss).

Is the table sturdy?

It sure is! The center adjustable leg provides maximum support. Two fasteners on each section ensure that they latch firmly to the table.

Is it easy to extend the table?  Does it take very long?

The unique slide rail bearing allows for the table to be extended without any effort. It takes approximately one minute to extend or put away.

How many sections does the table have?

It has five sections.

How are the sections stored?

Five heavy duty canvas bags are included with the table for convenient storage.

How is the table shipped?

The table is shipped via freight delivery, delivery is curbside.